In Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can search in data by using the Find mechanism. Find searches on all types of pages that have data, except in chart pages. You specify the field you want to search in and the string you want to search for. Find is also available from the action strip.

On card pages the same type of Find functionality is also available, but due to the nature of cards, the functionality is named Go to. You use Find and Go to in the exact same way.

The following example shows how to use Find to search for data on the Sales Order page.

To use Find

  1. In the Search box, enter Sales Orders, and then choose the related link.

  2. On the Actions tab, choose Find.

  3. In the Find in Sales Header window, select the row that you want to search for a specific string or data in.

  4. In the matches field, enter the string or number that you want to search for. Choose Find Next to start the search.

  5. Use the Find Next and Find Previous buttons to search through rows. Toggle between the list and the Find window to make edits and continue searching.

    Use Enter to find the next row. Use Shift+Enter to find the previous row.

  6. Choose the Close button when you have finished searching.


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