You can use the shortcut menu to copy and paste rows from Microsoft Dynamics NAV. For example, you can copy lines from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and then paste the lines into Microsoft Excel. Or, you can copy and paste lines into a list in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to save time entering data.

To copy and paste rows

  1. On the Sales Order Lines, open the shortcut menu for one or more lines, and then choose Copy Rows.

  2. Open the shortcut menu again and then choose Paste Rows to insert the copied rows.

    When pasting into Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the lines are validated and upon encountering the first erroneous line, the paste command is stopped. An error message is displayed, after which you can fix the error and continue to paste in lines.

    You paste rows directly where your cursor is located. If you paste into an empty line, any existing subsequent lines will be moved after the pasted lines. If you paste into an existing line or lines, this will be overwritten.


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