Microsoft Social Engagement can be made available on customers, vendors, and items. The collected data is based on search topics and displayed in the Social Media Insights factbox showing measures of positive, negative, and neutral feedback. The setup is done per record. The search topics are set up in Microsoft Social Engagement, and must be referenced in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The following steps describe how to establish that link and set up a search topic for a customer.

To enable displaying the collected data, you need to be signed into Microsoft Social Engagement.

To add a Social Engagement search topic

  1. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, in the Search box, enter Customer Card, and then choose the related link.

  2. Choose the customer to set up Microsoft Social Engagement for.

  3. In the Social Media Search Topic factbox to the right, click the Add a search topic link.

  4. In the Microsoft Social Engagement window, open Settings, and then choose Search Topics.

  5. In the Your Search Topics window, click the plus sign to add a new search topic.

  6. Fill out the details for your search topic; the search strings, inclusions, exclusions, languages and so on. For more information, see Add a search query to a topic.

  7. In the browser address bar, copy the URL.

  8. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV, in the Social Engagement Search Topic window, paste the copied URL into the Search Topic ID field. The Search Topic ID is now extracted from the URL you pasted in, and saved in the field.

  9. Choose the Close button.

You have now made a link between the search topics in Microsoft Social Engagement and a record in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and the collected data based on the search topic is displayed on the right.


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