You can monitor events on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server to diagnose conditions and troubleshoot problems that affect operation and performance.

Event Logging Overview

Microsoft Dynamics NAV uses Event Tracing for Windows (ETW), which is a subsystem of Windows operating systems. ETW provides a tracing mechanism for events that are raised by an application or service. ETW enables you to use industry standard tools such as Windows Performance Monitor, PerfView, Event Viewer, and Windows PowerShell to dynamically collect data on trace events that occur on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server.

Events that occur on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instances are recorded in Windows Event logs on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server computer. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 uses channels on all events. Event channels provide a way to collect and view events from a specific provider, which in this case is Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server, and group the events according to predefined types, such as admin, operational, and debug. For example, in Event Viewer, Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server instance events are collected in the Admin, Operational, and Debug channel logs for Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server in the Applications and Services Logs.

For more general information about ETW and event channels, see Event Tracing for Windows and Event Logs and Channels in Windows Event Log

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