Specifies links from comments to accounts, customers, items and so on. For example, you may want to enter a comment that the customer always pays late or that you have an agreement with the vendor that the price will be reduced if you refer to a particular agreement.

You use the Comment Line table to set up comments. This table is displayed in the Comment Sheet window, which you find from a card by clicking the Related Information, pointing to the menu option that has the name of the card (for example, on a Customer card, the menu option is called Customer) and then selecting Comments.

You create comments for a specific card - that is, if you click on a Customer Card the Related Information, point to Customer and then select Comments, you will be able to set up comments (and to see previously-created comments) for that particular customer only.

You can also enter a comment in the Notes FactBox.

The comments will not be printed.

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